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About JDL

JDL is a Mechanical and Electrical building services provider for the installation, supply, commission and maintenance of a wide variety of services in the commercial, industrial, retail and domestic sectors.

JDL Electrical was founded in 2007 by the three directors James Whelan, Dominic Johnson and Liam Rapp. In 2011 Robert King joined as a director to assist in growing the business.

Since 2007 JDL has grown from 3x tradesmen in 3x vans to an established small-medium sized Mechanical & Electrical company with new office and workshop facilities. JDL’s growth has been due to our reputation of being a high quality, honest and trustworthy contractor. This reputation has allowed JDL to grow substantially since 2007. However we have always ensured that any growth was at a manageable rate to ensure high customer satisfaction and to make sure we have provided the best service possible at all times.

Our new offices have enabled us to develop a strong pro-active office team who are always on hand to help no matter what the enquiry.

JDL’s key aims are to provide extremely high quality in workmanship, high customer satisfaction, develop strong relationships with our clients and suppliers and to ensure that all aspects of our work are performed to the highest health & safety standards.

JDL’s ethos continues to be a professionally run business as you would expect from the likes of a large national company, whilst maintaining the close relationships and care that you would expect from a family run business.

10 years on and still going strong!

JDL 10 Years AnniversaryTo mark our Anniversary we have changed our name from JDL Electrical to JDL Electrical, Plumbing and Heating which we feel is a better representation of our business.

We are in no doubt that the next 10 years will bring further change, and if the first 10 is anything to go by, it will be eventful, but we will come through stronger than ever and be the ‘one stop shop’ for all your Electrical, Plumbing and Heating needs.



James Whelan - JDL
James Whelan
Manages our minor works department and the management of day to day operations.jwhelan@jdl.co.uk
Dominic Johnson - JDL
Dominic Johnson
Focuses on project management and the management of day to day operations.djohnson@jdl.co.uk
Liam Rapp - JDL
Liam Rapp
Focuses on project estimating and the management of day to day operations.lrapp@jdl.co.uk
Sue Johnson - JDL
Sue Johnson
Service Coordinator
Co-ordinates our minor works department and manages our booking services for the Gas and Plumbing engineers.sjohnson@jdl.co.uk
Gareth Haines - JDL
Gareth Haines
Electrical Contracts Manager
Focuses on project managing our major contracts within the projects team.ghaines@jdl.co.uk
Michela Smith - JDL
Michaela Smith
Office Manager
Responsible for the administrative activities that facilitate the smooth running of the office.msmith@jdl.co.uk
Tom Lee
Tom Lee
Mechanical Contracts Manager
Focuses on project managing our major contracts within the projects team.tlee@jdl.co.uk
Rich Duggan
Rich Duggan
Electrical Manager
Focuses on project management and estimating within the minor works department.rduggan@jdl.co.uk
Sam Lowther
Sam Lowther
Plumbing & Heating Manager
Focuses on project management and estimating within the minor works department.slowther@jdl.co.uk
Holly Walker - JDL
Holly Walker
Finance Assistant
Assists with all admin duties, including assisting our minor works and accounts departments.hwalker@jdl.co.uk
Chris Johnson - JDL
Chris Johnson
Trainee Estimator
Works with the projects team, estimating both Mechanical and Electrical services.cjohnson@jdl.co.uk
Anna Brabbs - JDL
Anna Brabbs
Service Coordinator
Co-ordinates and manages our booking/services for the Gas and Plumbing engineers in the Malton office.abrabbs@jdl.co.uk
Will Pepper - JDL
Will Pepper
Finance Manager
Management of our company accounts.wpepper@jdl.co.uk
John Allen - JDL
John Allen
Warehouse Manager
Co-ordinates the receipt, despatch and storage of goods within the warehouse.


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