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Security and CCTV Systems

The UK’s stats prove that most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves that see an easy target.

If they can see that you have had a security system installed they are less likely to target your property. In addition to this there are many benefits to using a CCTV security system. JDL can provide you with the ability to remotely view the CCTV images. This will enable you to view the cameras live form your computer, laptop or even your IPhone. You could then watch staff and check their working / break times or see within your premises when the security alarm is activated. JDL can install from a simple single camera and monitor CCTV system to a much larger more complex system which may include hundreds of cameras, digital recorders, and multiple operators.

A CCTV can benefit you in the follow ways:

  • Record the till to keep track of transactions of the staff using the till
  • Meet insurance requirements
  • Use footage as evidence against non-legitimate claims
  • Deter thieves from targeting your premises
  • Make staff feel more secure
  • Make staff know that you could always be watching so improves efficiency

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