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Down Light Installations

It is very important that the correct lights are selected and installed in the correct area.

We have seen on many occasions, when carrying out an electrical installation condition report on properties in York that people are not having the correct lights fitted and this leaves the property in a possible dangerous condition. Below are some examples of different down lights that may be required in different areas.

Fire rated down lights

The building regulations state that when installing recessed light fittings the fire rating of the ceiling must not be impaired. Therefore fire rated down lights which fill the hole with a fire resistant material when exposed to fire must be installed. If this rule is ignored the speed of the spread of fire through the building will drastically be increased.

Bathroom down lights

JDL install IP65 splash proof down lights in all bathrooms. Some electricians only install an IP65 light above the bath or shower and then install standard lights in the rest of the bathroom. We believe this is incorrect as moisture from steam gets into the IP20 lights and reduces their life span and operation.

Energy Saving

With the costs of energy raising it is more important than ever to try and reduce the energy that you consume within your home. JDL can provide and install LED lamps that are a direct replacement for the GU10 lamps traditionally used in down lights and bar lights. The saving when changing the lamps is a massive 95%, from 50W per lamp to 3 – 6W depending on the LED lamp. Not only does this save you money on your bills the LED lamps last up to 20,000 hours compared to the GU10 lamps that last for just 1,000 hours.

JDL will only provide you with high quality LED lamps. If you do buy them from else where you need to look for the lumen output and the beam angle. Some LED’s have a very narrow beam angle and therefore are only designed for feature lighting.

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