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Fault Finding & Repair Work

All JDL electricians have a wide knowledge base on different electrical systems, which makes us the perfect choice to call on when you are experiencing problems with your electrics.

For some issues we may even be able to help you check a few common faults over the phone to avoid a call out charge. JDL’s minimum charge is for two hours, in which most domestic faults can be found. All of our electricians have their 2391 inspection and testing qualification and are trained to fault find in the most efficient processes.

If you are having any problems with your electrics please call us on 01904 608350.

Quick Solutions…

RCD has suddenly tripped out – Have you just plugged something in? Has a lamp just blown? Try unplugging appliances or switching off lights to see if the RCD will reset.

Lost power – What have you just done? In most cases it is an item that has been plugged in or turned on that is faulty and caused a circuit to trip out. Have you checked the main switch or RCD is turned on? What are the weather conditions? Do you have external electrical accessories that may be letting in water due to excessive weather conditions?

Heating circuit tripped out – Turn off the spur to the boiler, immersion or pump, does the circuit turn back on? If so you will need a plumber to test / change any faulty equipment.

Light lamps have been blowing a lot recently – Make sure you buy good quality lamps. You may have got to the end of the life of a number of lamps that where fitted at the same time. Change GU10 lamps to LED lamps for a longer lamp life.

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