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ecoTEC plus combi

High efficiency combination boiler range.

Extremely reliable and displaying all the in-built quality Vaillant is known for, the ecoTEC plus is clearly one of the best combi solutions available today. The ecoTEC plus combi boiler is available in a range of power outputs to meet the heating requirement of your home. All ecoTEC plus boilers offer low energy consumption and premium components to give outstanding performance. Each one is ultra-quiet, awarded the Quiet Mark for innovative reduced-noise design by the Noise Abatement Society, and designed for a peaceful home.

It’s smart, too. When you don’t need as much heat, it will reduce itself to just 16% of its maximum output – meaning greater energy efficiency and lower bills for you.


The flexible combination boiler for any home

  • The ecoTEC is Vaillant’s flagship boiler
  • High performance, control and efficiency
  • The ecoTEC plus boiler has been awarded the Which? Best Buy
  • A wide range of heating control options, from our simple boiler timer right up to our vSMART™ smartphone app
  • 8-year guarantee as standard, up to 10 years available when installed with a boiler protection pack
  • Four combination models covering 25, 32, 35 or 38kW heating outputs
  • Precision heating to reduce your fuel bills
  • Rapid hot water delivery of up to 15.9 litres per minute, heating only the water you require – without the need for a storage tank or cylinderErP A rated boiler with up to 93% efficiency, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your fuel bills
  • Quality German design and engineering which is manufactured at Vaillant’s award-winning Derbyshire manufacturing plant
  • Designed for a peaceful home, the ecoTEC Plus is awarded the Quiet Mark for its reduced noise

What Is Boiler Modulation?

Boiler modulation is when a boiler automatically changes the heat output to suit the demand for heat.

Boiler modulation not only saves energy, prolongs boiler life but also makes the heating within your home more comfortable by maintaining a constant temperature rather than over heating the property and letting it cool down too far.

Boiler modulation rates are shown as a ratio. For example, a boiler that has a ratio of 3:1 would be able to modulate from 100% output to 33%. A boiler with a modulation ratio of 10:1 would be able to modulate its output from 100% to 10% with a total of 10 different heat outputs.

Using a 30Kw boiler as a working example:

If your property only required a very small increase in heat the 10:1 boiler would fire at 3Kw and the 3:1 boiler would fire at 10Kw. However, a traditional non-modulating boiler would fire at 30Kw consuming unnecessary gas and overheating the property.

This video explains how a Vaillant boiler modulates when it is connected to a Vaillant modulating thermostat:

All of our boiler packages are ‘Boiler Plus’ compliant as standard...