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Mrs H

Mrs H

30th November 2020

“As you know, your electrician was at my house yesterday morning and completed the works I had previously discussed with you. I haven’t seen an invoice from you yet, but I imagine you will send it to me soon.

The reason for contacting you now is to say how impressed I was at your electrician’s work and especially the way he conducted himself.

You know that my husband is seriously ill and has to sleep downstairs on doctor’s advice. Part of his health problems is dementia and this is difficult to handle at times. He wanders from room to room at times, which is disconcerting for anyone unfamiliar with the situation.

I explained to your chap what the situation was and he was totally understanding and flexible – when a suitable opportunity came to do the works planned for my husband’s room, your chap willingly seized the moment and got it all done. It wasn’t easy for him at all, but there was no complaint.

You sent me a true professional – thank you.”