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Paul Wedgewood

Paul Wedgewood

13th July 2020

“2 guys arrived (as booked) – checked job details, heating system, drainage and working space. Discussed and agreed options to fit new radiator – same size, higher spec than 30 year-old one (fins and convection options explained to me clearly).

They worked quietly, methodically and effectively – good team-work (each responsible for different aspect of job) – I observed good communication between the two, one explaining and clarifying methods to the other (younger). I am guessing that he was an apprentice.

There was a delay (a lot of banging) mid-way through the job – to do with fitting new (metric) radiators in old (imperial) space and copper pipes boxed in by skirting board. After they discussed options and asked me, the skirting board was cut into to access the pipes – and later replaced perfectly – very good on-the-job teamwork and problem-solving.

The finished job was shown to me for approval, work area was cleared and cleaned –
both men took responsibility different aspects of the job, communicated clearly with each other and with me. It was a relatively small job but I would trust them with a bigger one.”